Don't ask -- google it

2021-11-19 19:35:59 EET | back | home | git

I see SO MANY people asking basic things about linux like "how do I use apt?" or something and they don't even look it up and when I tell them to "please look it up" or "google it" they get offended and REFUSE to even google it, some of them are like "ew I don't use google" and I literally don't give a shit what search engine you usually use and on the internet it's usually used as "search it up".

Some people also have the audacity to come to a help/support group of some distro and claim that it's there so people would not need to google stuff. Every time I see someone like them it's just annoying, I ask them to google it and they just refuse...

Please before asking for any support online search it up and even if you join some help community -- don't be a leech, if people help you, please give back to the community.

Developing the skill to use search engines is important, being a support leech, refusing to search it up and/or in general being lazy.

And on the topic of "being lazy", this also relates to support, if you're giving support to a person or you're the person who's accepting there is and should never be such thing as "being lazy". If you're giving support for a person who just asked "how to i remove /home/trash?" you should not tell them

rm -rfvi /

And when they run it you just go "ughhhhh I'm so lazy to type /home/trash" or the opposite, if you're accepting help and want clearification on something, for example "how do I install bat?" and the person answers "sudo pacman -S bat" and you just say ' pacman s bat? ' the person will ofc say no and like 5 minutes later you say "ughhh I am lazy to type it whole", please be specific or something could go wrong or you would waste someone's time.