FOSS hardware -- the real low level creepyness of AMD and Intel

2021-11-26 15:34:32 EET | back | home | git

FOSS hardware should be a thing.

Intel ME and AMD PSP

Intel and AMD are pretty popular companies and so like most companies they're evil. For example Intel ME and AMD PSP , they're basically low-level spyware, and not like you can easily disable it. Normal users won't be able to do it properly and even experienced computer nerds too, it's really finicky and I only saw few people on the internet do it, well at least for Intel.

As far as I'm aware for Intel CPUs you have to

And for AMD it's a bit easier

Both Intel ME and AMD PSP have LOADS of CVEs, the ironic thing is that they're supposed to be secure...

They are terrible, just built in CVEs and spyware, not even open source. It's all proprietary... They use security through obscurity which has never ended well...

FOSS hardware

What do I even mean by "FOSS hardware"?


FOSS hardware.

Now after reading this you probably now understand why I want FOSS hardware. There's no real alternatives to Intel and AMD spyware so we have to deal with it, so FOSS hardware would

Like imagine having probably no issues on FOSS operating systems and not needing to live in a world where EVERYTHING you do is spied on you on a very low, hardware, level.

In general FOSS

As I see Linux growing more and more I feel like the next logical step is FOSS hardware, Linux lacks that a bit, it would be amazing to have something that you can trust and see what it does on every level.

To conclude

AMD and Intel are weird and just as bad as any other companies known for their spyware, just that Intel ME and AMD PSP is not as talked about