GUIs are useless

2021-12-20 19:34:03 EET | back | home | git

GUIs are useless. They are usually an unnecessary abstraction over simple things. Not even a lightweight one.

Take for example DMs (display managers), they are just a bloated, useless and annoying abstractions over a simple TTY login. They don't even have proper logging or error reporting and you get no TTY or just a shell to debug in, you just get logged out with no logs, error reporting nor a shell.

Most things you do in a GUIs is easily achieved in the CLI, like idk, managing files. With a GUI it's more complicated, for example in a GUI:

While with the CLI you can just:

GUIs are not easier in any way, they are useless, bloated garbage which is unnecessary for most things

CLI is also much much much smaller, less complicated and more lightweight, where GUIs are not. And now on the topic of being lightweight, why are GUIs so heavy??? They're supposed to be just simple abstractions over the CLI and not computer 823284327942th number of the Fibonacci sequence every second.

GUIs are unnecessary as hell, that's why my goal is to go full TTY, but I still haven't found a good solution to firefox for example.