I am in love with scheme/racket

2021-10-29 08:56:44 EEST | back | home | git

As you might know I usually use object oriented languages, but this time not, this time it's a functional one. Today I was discussing about functional programming and in general programming paradigms and functional programming came up, so we talked about it and I said something like "I would love to learn a fully functional programming language, but haskell's syntax sucks, any other suggestions?" and a person suggested me scheme and until then I though scheme was just used for configs and storing data in general, like JSON. Then we were talking about scheme and I was really interested in it so I asked "what interpreter should I use?" and they answered "chez" so I used it for a bit and then found an even better solution - gambit and now I use that so in this one day I found a good a great scheme compiler and interpreter and I started learning scheme! I love it.