Providing LGBT education in school will not make your child LGBT

2021-12-05 09:42:48 EET | back | home | git

LGBT education will not make your kid LGBT

All the time, literally, I see so many people cry about how LGBT education will turn your children LGBT, which is just... False... It's not how it works.

Students that are already LGBT, questioning or "feeling different" will feel more comfortable talking abut their identity, and people who are straight will just increase their knowledge about LGBT people, won't turn your kids LGBT, might just make them more accepting of LGBT people and other identifies besides straight.

"Trans women are just predatory men"

First up -- no, trans women are women, they are not people who just want to go into your toilets and creep on you. There is also no documented cases of trans women being "predatory men". Trans women are women, not some creeps. Only few cases of straight men dressing up as women to get into bathrooms of women and also the pure abuse trans women get in public is probably not worth for the actual predatory men who want to look at people shit or whatever.

LGBT kids will stay LGBT, whether you educate them or not

LGBT kids will stay LGBT, the education will just provide them with a more accepting environment and if the LGBT kids don't know or are confused about their identity it would help to faster so to say discover themselves and when they do it will also give them a better life in the adulthood and in the teenage years.

Schools are for teaching things, not "shoving down opinions down your throat"

In school we learn about things and not get apparently "shoving down opinions down your throat" like some people like to put it. As we get more educated about things we become smarter and more accepting of things, like LGBT people as a fitting example.

LGBT people also have the right of education

We all had "straight" sex-ed where boys were put in one room and girls in the other and we all learned how out bodies change and work, but never had to really learn about LGBT safe sex or anything similar as we don't have LGBT education, safe sex education is important whether you're straight or not and experienced people are a good resource, so IMO people should teach not only about straight people, but about LGBT people too.

Then in general, excluding sex-ed, we should be educated the same as straight people, just LGBT education instead of only now straight things work.

Education will benefit students too

The LGBT kids who maybe don't know they are not LGBT will feel better about themselves if they find out that they're attracted to same-sex, are transgender or anything LGBT and will know it's okay to be that way when they have the proper education to understand it. They can have better mental health and in general better well-being.

Then in general, excluding sex-ed, we should be educated the same as straight people, just LGBT education instead of only now straight things work.

To end, I am sorry for referring to trans women as "predatory men", I didn't mean to sound like that I meant people are referring to them like that, if you are a transgender women I fully accept you, if I offended you in any way, I am really sorry <3 have a good day.