Rust bad

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Rust is solving an issue nobody has (Update: False-ish)

Update: Rust's memory safety is good, but I still think the binary size, compile times and everything else is STILL not worth it

Ah yes, memory safety, the only thing people use bruhst for, like it's so important to them, first up if you're allocating a lot of memory you shouldn't be programming either way, allocating memory is slow and heavy so you should not do it if you can get away of not doing it, like ofc it's necessary to allocate memory in some cases , but to unnecessarily allocate it and FORGET TO FREE IT is just on you...

Rust is painful to compile

Rust is horribly heavy and slow to compile so if people start writing software only in rust it will become a mess for users who compile their software and it's already happening for me for example, I'm on gentoo and every time I compile rust I just want to kill myself because of how painful and slow it is. Just bad...

Less availability (Update: Getting better)

Update: It's getting better, though the binary size is nowhere near good

Rust binaries are slower and larger so making the availability to people bad. And for people who have lower spec computers and they still compile everything this will also make the compiling process painful so they might give up and not use your software, again making your software less available to less people. Even though it can make the development builds faster, at the end it's the end user who's experience is more important.

Horrible ass syntax (Update: This is very subjective)

Update: I personally think its syntax is bad, but I should not have put this here as it is very subjective, a lot of people seem to like its syntax

Rust's syntax is horrible and not a lot of developers know it and not a lot of jobs require it, so learning rust is just torturing with the weird ass, shit(tm)++ syntax:

fn~~~~~~~~~~~!@@!!!!! so(jauhg::sfduf!!!68768Jijuhe:;@@@@@@ ufuheuwifh) { using s:s:e:frg::gger:fwuhf::jfewhe::fweuhwueih:::fiehu9wehf::fhuewhf:::fiuuwehf::fhuwehufhwe::ewiuhfwuie; kfhuerh::fiufu::yufewy:fwgiwfuif::owiffhoiwefh::fehuhyew::wfiuguifg::3hw8w << "r23rj4r" << 'wfefwhuwfhefhwe9fwhdhuhfweidu';;;;;; 43twrugyj9ifj0fjfew(())))(()()()()()()()()()))()()()::g9hgergheeegu; }

I wanted to exaggerate, but this actually feels and looks a bit like rust code LOL... Even though this also resembles C++ a bit, C++ is not as horrible as this.

Buggy (Update: Less)

Update: It's not as buggy as I thought though much less mature than C because of its age

Even though rust has come a good way since like two years back it's still buggy and for production you can kinda expect it to break in one way or another.

In some ways, bad debugging experience

Disassembling rust binaries is a pain, so you lose some privilege to debugging rust code, though that's just my experience, complete mess...

Rust causes bloated software

Rust projects usually require 3908948093 crates, even the simplest projects require a lot of them so rust executables become large and painful to compile quick. Rust dependencies also are a pain to manage and you just get a LARGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE cargo.toml file so again making it a pain to download for people with worse hardware, shit internet and/or low storage.

Rust has a bad community

Rust's community consists of idiots calling C cringe, unsafe, slow and in general bad and people who complain about CMake causing C software to be bloated when it's nowhere near as bloated as cargo and in general rust. Sure they have good docs, but that's everything good about it...

Every project includes at least one rocket emoji and description is something like "XXX is a blazingly fast, configurable, lightweight #rustrewrite, it introduces 69 new features and it's very very fast trust me"

More downsides than upsides

People call rust good because it's modern and has useless memory safety when overlooking other flaws I mentioned before for example being bloated, less available and being slow to compile, making rust ultimately useless bad

Old updated points

Bad library support

Even though rust has a bunch of libraries, it's missing a lot of them and doing everything from scratch is a pain. Its libraries suck a lot and most that are out there are buggy.

Bad IDE support (Update: Getting better)

Update: More and more editors are supporting rust, some are even written in rust

Rust with its popularity is getting more editing support, but either way on a bunch of editors rust is not supported as language.

Overly backed by companies

I don't like companies and they usually ruin everything, I see rust's future as a pile of garbage...

Like 1 or 2 people actuallu have

Now, rust community, I know y'all don't like me, but please, I know you're reading this, explain to me why rust is so good, make an issue on github or something. I keep asking y'all and y'all just keep ignoring me which is kinda stupid when you are trying to prove a point.

And some points y'all pointed out:

Update: That is not how memory safety works... Most issues are overflow and underflow issues you can only detect at runtime...

To debunk stuff y'all said. Memeory safety being useless is true imo, most projects are not some high scale enterprise apps which are stupidly made by allocating memory left and right (Update: not how memory safety works) and it being not closely monitored. and the ones which are lower-scale usually don't allocate a bunch of memory always and not free it, but if they do, just to make sure, memory safety is good. A lot of people seem to think that when programming in C you have to code like mallocing memory for everything all the time (true, a lot of people think that). And bad syntax, yes, its syntax is bad worse than C++ (subjective), I can't believe how badly designed it is. And again, yes, you call it good because of those things while ignoring all the downsides of it, you just want to be "a part of a trend" (some people actually need it (?)) and overly focused on modernism (a lot of people are).