Tech normies, companies and digital freedom

2021-11-03 11:49:18 EET | back | home | git

What are "tech normies"?

I personally think "tech normies" are people who just live the corporate world and use nothing that is not made by some huge company like apple or microsoft, they want someone else to make choices and decisions for them instead of them thinking what they will use and do on the computer, it's like they just want some master to lead them and show them the way how to do or use anything, those type of people have completely lost the sense of (digital) responsibility.

They just want to use apps, click buttons and ask microsoft or whoever the fuck they follow what to do and use, for example if microsoft includes microsoft edge in windows, normies will use that instead of actually deciding on what browser to use because all they want is to click buttons like a primitive monkey, doesn't make any choices, decisions or anything responsible to themselves.

(Digital) normies are like... digital prisoners

In prison people lose their sense of responsibility as they know that everyday they will get food, a shelter and what to do, they will always know what will happen and don't have to worry about money, taxes and anything that will happen in the future while you, a free person, have to. You have to pay taxes, work to get money and make sure not to overspend as you can lose your shelter, food and supplies in general.

"Freedom is sometimes scary"

So is the real life, you will never know what will happen next and have to worry about everything as a free person and you don't have anything or anyone to cover up for you and you have to make choices and if you make bad ones - you will have to face consequences.

Taking first step to digital freedom

Stop depending on proprietary, censoring, centralised, etc. services and start using libre and FOSS operating systems like GNU/Linux((-libre)(-hardened)) and get away from companies and stop treating them as anything else but companies, their goal is to make money and sell your data, start being responsible on what you use and think, trust no-one and think for yourself.