Things I hate about linux

2022-01-27 22:35:30 EET | back | home | git

Even as a Linux user I can see some flaws in Linux design and the actions the maintainers are taking, how corporate Linux is getting and in general Linux itself.

I like Linux, but I hate few things

I hate the corporate involvement , even though BSD people are also getting funding from companies like Microsoft, google and Facebook , Linux is most definably more corporate with over 300 companies funding and over 1500 companies contributing to Linux ( full report ) compared to BSD with barely any corporate involvement ( full report )

I hate how huge it is , Linux has over 27 million lines of code where BSD has 32 million , BSD might seem bigger, but that is because Linux does not have to handle any coreutils and in general a bunch of extra stuff BSD has to deal with and BSD kernel images turn out to be times smaller than Linux ( source ) because the kernel itself is smaller than Linux if you did not count the extra stuff BSD has to deal with.

Linux... Is not secure? Linux is getting more popular, more malware and in general Don't get me wrong, windows is way less secure but it's surprising how many security issues Linux has... Just kinda sad to see, but you can harden it and it gets noticed by people quite fast so it's kinda a 50/50?

Linux is extremely painful to develop and features are just getting crammed , Linux being a huge kernel means that it is horribly painful to develop and debug, again, a very sad thing as a developer who one day maybe potentially wants to contribute to Linux

Linux ignores bugs even though our community is big and notices bugs quickly Linux is centralised into few people who can merge and actually solve issues related to Linux.

Linux has bad documentation , all said, just bad docs in software adding on top of my pre-previous point in a way, but core kernel seems well enough documented to "figure it out on your own", but what I can say from personal experience that kernel panics are very useless and very very hard to find anything about

Linux is not backwards compatible as many people (including me) used (and some are) still thinking Linux instead chooses to support long-dead used by nobody protocols, hardware and in general bloating stuff that can be majorly deleted without causing any issues instead on working on better backwards and forwards compatibility

These are my "main" issues with Linux, I could have also included some points like bad hardware support but BSD is not better at that either,

So my goal for 2023 is switching to BSD full time, BSD has making bug steps in development in its OS (FreeBSD mainly) and it's looking better, but I am still quite questioning about the tinkerability of BSD as I am the type of person who will go out of their way to customise their kernel from the bottom up where I am not sure if this is really advised in BSD, which sucks...

So the conclusion is that Linux is the best worst OS...

But this will not stop me from using Linux, it's an amazing OS, it does not suck that much, most points I made might not make a huge difference for you so don't doubt to try it :D even though I might not like some stuff about it