Thinking about switching to a fully minimalistic gentoo system

2021-11-11 20:17:48 EET | back | home | git

Recently I have been thinking a lot about switching to a minimalistic hardened gentoo system. Not that I want to get away "from the bloat" as my current system is quite light, but just to challenge myself and get a simpler, more secure operating system that is functional.

Even though I'm the type of person who loves extreme customisation, I want to know how light I can get my system and how secure I can get it, even though it might seem stupid to some people, It seems like a fun experience for me and in general pushing myself.

So here is my plan:

I will completely ditch everything I have customised probably, will make a completely fresh and minimal system, and hell, I might even like it!

Anyway currently deciding, I love my current setup, but I think it's a good thing to push yourself, anyway, If I decide to switch I will probably create a gentoo-minimal branch in my dotfiles so y'all will know if I decide to switch :)